HMRC Custom Declaration Training Grants

Do you trade with the EU?

To ensure that trade with the EU continues as smoothly as possible after Brexit on 31 October, HMRC are offering 2 grants to help businesses complete customs declarations in preparation for the UK leaving the EU.

You can get funding for:

  • training that helps your business to complete customs declarations and processes
  • IT improvements to help your business complete customs declarations more efficiently

You can use the funding to reimburse what your business has spent on relevant IT improvements and training since 31 July 2019.

Who can apply?

You must be:

  • established in, or have a branch in the UK when the grant is paid to you
  • not have previously failed to meet your tax obligations – HMRC will check their records to decide if they can offer your business a grant
  • For the IT grant, you must have fewer than 250 employees, currently complete customs declarations and have an annual turnover of less than 50 million Euros.
  • For the Training grant, you must import from or export to the EU and complete customs declarations (or intend to do so in the future)

To apply, check out the Customs Intermediary Grant website. Applications close on 31 January 2020 (or earlier if the funding is fully allocated).