Are your payslips correct?

If you have an employee who works varied hours or days, it is good practice to detail the amount of hours/days worked on their payslip, i.e. 

  • Your employee worked 16 hours @ £10 per hour, show this rather than 1 x £160 or:
  • If your employee worked 12 days @ £100 per day, it should be recorded as such, rather than 1 x £1,200.



Payslips of employees who work a fixed amount of hours each month can be shown as 1 x £xxxx, but any overtime or any adjustments to normal pay must be shown separately. 

You must show separately on payslips:

  • Overtime
  • Any payments that will be made by different methods, ie. part payment by cheque, part in cash
  • Holidays
  • Deductions, i.e. unpaid leave, subscriptions

All workers are entitled to receive a payslip on or before their pay day.  This includes agency workers who must get payslips from their agency. 

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