Everyone knows the difficulties that can be encountered when completing tax returns and complying with current legislation.  We can advise on:

  • Personal Tax
    You will need to complete a tax return if:
    –   you are self-employed and earned more than £1,000;
    –   you got £2,500 or more in untaxed income, for example, from renting out a property or savings and investments;
    –   your savings or investment income was £10,000 or more before tax;
    –   you made profits from selling things like shares, a second home or other chargeable assets;
    –   you were a company director – unless it was for a non-profit organisation (such as a charity) and you didn’t get any pay or benefits, like a company car;
    –   your income (or your partner’s) was over £50,000 and one of you claimed Child Benefit;
    –   you had income from abroad that you needed to pay tax on;
    –   you lived abroad and had a UK income;
    –   you got dividends from shares and you’re a higher or additional rate taxpayer;
    –   your income was over £100,000;
    –   you were a trustee of a trust or registered pension scheme;
    –   you had a P800 from HMRC saying you didn’t pay enough tax last year – and you didn’t pay what you owe through your tax code or with a voluntary payment

    We can assist you with completion and submission of your tax return and will inform you of your tax liability and when and how to pay it.
  • Corporate Tax
  • VAT
    Registration, planning, completion and submission of VAT Returns.
  • Tax planning
    Tax planning is important and, if carried out early, will maximise all benefits available to you. 

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